Fall Centerpiece Class

Fall Centerpiece Class

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2023 Dates

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Fall Centerpiece Class

🍂 Embrace Autumn's Beauty: DIY Fall Centerpiece Class! 🍁✨ Immerse yourself in the warm and vibrant colors of the season as we guide you through creating stunning fall centerpieces in our delightful workshop! 🌻🎃

During this hands-on class, you'll learn: 🍁 The art of crafting captivating fall centerpieces that embody the spirit of the season 🍂 How to incorporate seasonal elements like autumn foliage, rustic accents, and harvest-inspired blooms 🌻 Techniques to achieve balance, texture, and visual appeal in your fall centerpiece arrangements

We'll provide you with all the materials you need to bring your autumnal visions to life, including a gorgeous array of seasonal flowers, charming containers, and charming embellishments. 🍂🌼

No prior experience is necessary – this class is designed for everyone to enjoy the beauty of fall! 🍁✨ Unleash your creativity and create fall centerpieces that will be the highlight of any gathering.

Materials You'll Use:

Double Designer Dish

Trending Flowers & Foliage

Floral Snips

Chicken Wire

Stem Wrap


Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of fall centerpieces and let your creativity bloom! 🍂🌻 Limited spots are available, so secure yours now! 🎟️✨ Get ready to infuse your home with the warmth and charm of autumn in our captivating DIY Fall Centerpiece Class. Let's celebrate the season together! 🍁🍂 #DIYFallCenterpiece #CelebrateAutumn #UnleashYourCreativity #WarmAndVibrant #ElevateYourSkills #NoExperienceNeeded


When: Saturday, November 4th

Time Slots: 11am - 12pm, 1pm - 2pm

Where: The Flower Market on 7th, 2733 West 7th Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107.

Cancellations Policy

If you need to cancel your spot in the class the deadline is two weeks prior to the class date. Any cancellations after the deadline will be eligible for a 50% refund. You can reschedule your class to a later eligible class at any time.

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