Care + Handling

Bouquets + Vase Arrangements 


Once you get your flowers home make sure you place them out of direct sun or extreme heat. In fact, both can dramatically shorten its lifespan in the vase. That means that sunny windowsill is off-limits, but three feet (or so!) away is a perfect location!

DO NOT store your flowers in a refrigerator. Your fridge has cold spots and is not set to an idea temperature for your flowers.
F R E S H  C U T

If you have a bouquet, make sure to give them a fresh cut right before you put them into a vase of water. This opens up the stems and allows them to hydrate.
If you have a vase, you are set to go! Our designers gave the flowers a fresh cut right before putting them into the vase. 
If you are DIY-ing your own vase, be sure to remove all foliage that might fall below the water line. Foliage in the water will cause mold.
Don't forget to make sure all the stems are in water!
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 It is so important to make sure the water in your vase is clean. You will need to change out the water every 3 days or when the water looks murky. 

Fill your vase with fresh water and mix in the flower food we provided with your purchase. Re-cut your stems at a 45° angle and put them back into the vase.
Room temperature water is great! Do not add ice or use warm water. This can cause the flowers to go into

Rinse and repeat!


Bulk Orders

P I C K  U P

If you are having your bulk order delivered, skip to the next step! If you are picking up your order we recommend bringing 5 gallon buckets for the trip to their destination. We do sell buckets for $9 each if you do not own any.

P R E P 

When the flowers arrive at their destination it is time to prep them for hydration and storage. 

Begin removing the plastic wrapping and rubber bands from the flowers. This allows them to open without being to crowded. 
Your last step before hydration is to remove all foliage that might fall below the waterline in your containers. Foliage below the waterline will cause mold.
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Once the flowers have been prepped it is important to make sure they are hydrated! 
All the flowers will need to be re-cut at a 45° angle to ensure they hydrate efficiently. Room temperature water is great! Do not add ice or use warm water. This can cause the flowers to go into shock.
Now it's time to find the perfect location to store your flowers until you are ready to start designing!
Typically any location in your house will be fine. Make sure your flowers are not in direct sun or extreme heat.
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