We deliver!

We are now offering delivery for any size orders. That includes bulk orders! You may choose a delivery slot at checkout or give us a call at 817-377-3660 and place your order over the phone. Delivery prices are calculated by distance. You will receive your delivery cost at check out or give us a call for an estimate.We ask for 24 hours in advance for delivery.

You should know...

We use a delivery service called Roadie for all of our deliveries. When a delivery order is processed the "gig" is then sent to this company. It is a very similar process to Uber as it is up to the delivery drivers to assign themselves to the orders. On some occasions, usually on later Saturday deliveries or Sundays (we normally do not allow deliveries on Sundays) no one will assign themselves to the "gig". In these cases we will call you ahead of time and reschedule the delivery for the following day.